Swarm Cipher Unit

Our Swarm Cipher Unit (SCU) is a DATARAIN application and a perfect example of development on the PriveOS™ Linux kernel with our purityCUBE™ developing environment. Unmanned vehicle control and payload resource management are issues where our Swarm Cipher Unit delivers streams without chokepoint, directly to user who requires it.

Swarm of elements can serve simultaneously SIGINT, Ground troops and SOF segments, when payload resource management is distributed and streams are secured with Swarm Ciper Unit (SCU).

Swarm Cipher Unit

SCU can be attached between sensors and MESH network, where swarm located resources are accessed by subscribing to a sensor feed with unique security credentials. This allows payload data serving from swarm with different security clearances to different groups.

All this makes it possible to use commercial swarm elements without relying on their nonscalable downlink capacity in high volume swarming.

Distributed knowledge

All elements share information collectively up in the air, but no single element contains everything. With our PriveOS™ Linux kernel and purityCUBE™ development environment - you are able to replace commercial grade cipher suites in Swarm Cipher Unit with high-end restricted ones when required.

Swarm Cipher Unit is key element if you are looking for swarm produced data delivery in structured format to assist any AI related projects.

If you’re still trying to solve swarmed sensory security with PKI based solutions, feel free to contact us and learn how it should be done.