Privecall™ solution

The groundbreaking XXLSEC flagship Privecall solution includes the following unique elements:

•XXLSEC designed and manufactured clean hardware mobile device •PriveOS operating system
•Privecall secure communication suite
•PriveHUB infrastructure

All these elements together form Privecall TX™ mobile device for secure communication.

Communication security at the highest level

Privecall is a proprietary and unique end-to-end encrypted communication solution. In the “Privecall world” you communicate safely over a communication infrastructure which is in your total control.

Encryption elements are created and handled by the end user organization without engaging third party services. Privecall solution can be operated over the public internet or over completely independent and isolated networks.

Privecall secure communication suite has the following features:

•End-to-end encrypted voice communication
•Dual tunnelled message and file transfer security
•Protection from exposure to meta data
•Forensic safe (no stored objects or databases)
•Anonymous IP-traffic, no interference with VoIP or VPN protocols, only low data rate encrypted TCP/IP traffic
•Works in off-the-grid environments if needed (eg. tactical MESH-networks)
•Supports OpenSLL cipher suites
•National cipher suite integration available
•Blockchain technology based Distributed Identity Management system

Infrastructure under your control

Privecall TX mobile device with PriveOS provides complete transparency and end point security, which is not available with current commercial operating systems. In addition to security, Privecall TX gives you the full control over the delivery of your communication streams. External cloud services are not involved in any form or fashion. This makes the XXLSEC solution truly unique.

Privecall TX clean hardware

Privecall TX device is an ARM based clean hardware mobile computing device which can be used when generally available devises, operating systems and designs are not sufficient to meet high security requirements.

Privecall TX runs PriveOS, a Linux based operating system and selected software components as further enhancements. PriveOS supports the full visibility of the underlying source code. Privecall TX with PriveOS is the secure XXLSEC response to consumer grade operating systems like iOS and Android, which contain a set of ‘known unknowns’ inside of non-transparent binary elements. Privecall TX is a clean hardware unit built with transparent components and software only.

Technical specifications

Formfactor: Professional Handheld Mobile Device
Display: 5.5” Touchscreen
CPU: Cortex ® -A9 based NXP i.MX6 Quad
Memory: 1GB RAM, 8 GB EMMC
Communication: Wired Ethernet, WiFi, LTE (option)
Audio: Internal and 3.5 mm Handsfree jack
Buttons: Power, Volume, PushToTalk (PTT)
Operating System: PriveOS™
Source code visibility: 100%
Binary blobs: none
Qualcomm or Mediatek: no
Manufactured: Finland

PKI Infrastructure

Privecall TX uses Perfect Forward Secrecy methodology to provide cipher suites with elliptic curve variants. Alternatively, you can compile and configure your own preferred cipher suite for your use.

Since XXLSEC does not operate your Privecall™ infrastructure, you are the PKI authority for your communication. Having key generation and certificate signing device at your own and exclusive possession increases your security. XXLSEC cannot create Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) certificates, which would compromise communication.

True randomness

Our key generation devices use hardware based on True Random Number Generators (TRNG’s). We apply randomness which passes Diehard and NIST STS test suites - and you are in total control of your keys and certificates.

Dynamic PriveHUB infrastructure

PriveHUB is an infrastructure element - a piece of software - which that connects the relevant Privecall users in the same closed user group (CUG).

A user can deploy Virtual Private Servers (VPS’s) and secure PriveHUB infrastructure elements from any closed and/or end-user controlled locations even for single operations if that is deemed necessary. After the required time, the infrastructure element can be switched off. This dynamic approach increases security and improves your awareness of the relevant communication flows. Completing risk assessments regarding possible unfriendly third parties is therefore easy.

Multiple PriveHUBs for maximum security

Once Privecall TX device has been turned online, it will connect with the PriveHUB. Every Privecall user online can see each other in same closed user group (CUG) and start secure communication. All communication between Privecall TX devices is end-to-end encrypted. One group of Privecall users can use multiple PriveHUBs to ensure secure communication in every circumstances.

Privecall secure communication suite

Privecall secure communication suite includes a “softphone version” to Linux OS based laptops. The result is a unique and complete secure communication platform for voice calls, conference calls, instant messaging and file transfer.