DataRain™ tactical comms

DataRain off-the-grid communication system is a fully independent secure communication system for mobile and fast deployable communication needs. This system consists of an independent portable +100Mbs IP-data network with communication server and terminals for secure end-to-end encrypted communication.

DataRain server

DataRain server can be described conceptually as your “cloud in a case”. It provides full operational capabilities regardless of your location and surrounding communications infrastructure. DataRain server is equipped with off-the-grid map of the whole world and additional functionalities for blue and red forces tracking and a video server. DataRain server is also a local PriveHUB for Privecall communication.

Operational security

DataRain server increases operational security and it does not leave any fingerprint to public network. Conducting an operation from a certain location does not require public internet access for the purposes of mapping data or to use any external cloud based services.

When combined with the X-MESH network element, DataRain server becomes a totally independent standalone system with its own off-the-grid network.

Asset and network on the map

DataRain server can show blue forces with X-MESH radios on the map, and operations can benefit from map overlayed video streams and other functionalities, including sniper control applications. X-MESH network statistics with dynamic signal strength display is part of the DataRain server screen.

All of the above is fully operational regardless of access to other available infrastructure elements, like mobile networks or TETRA networks, in your operating area. However with TETRA, Satellite and LTE-gateways the MESH-network can be connected with public internet or TETRA voice comms. This enables access to full global Privecall communication infrastructure.