XXLSEC ’s proprietary platform allows organizations to develop fully transparent solutions for high security operational requirements with auditable cryptography, custom encryption algorithms and low level hardware access.

PriveOS supports independent in-house development cycles with no third party requirements or any external network access. PriveOS eliminates “known unknowns” at the operating system level and it does not restrict technical implementation by any third party.

Life Cycle Management

PriveOS is designed to support industrial grade life cycle management, which is not possible by any consumer driven commercial platforms (like Android or iOS). With PriveOS you can resolve and manage all life cycle management issues and manage the required schedules within your team according to your own requirements.


PriveOS supports OpenSLL encryption and integration to non-public algorithms in encryption or key exchange processes. This means that you can implement restricted level national cryptography without exposing the underlying code to unknown SDK environments.

Off The Grid development

Our purityCUBE environment allows you to develop all PriveOS based solutions totally offline. This is a unique way to manage confidential development cycles and reach your development milestones without visible network fingerprint or attribution to external organizations.