Security of supply

We have created PriveOS to meet the security requirements for the highest level of security of supply. Our products, development and production do not create traces or leave meta data.
Our development teams do not start their day by downloading SDK from unknown sources. They log in to purityCUBE environment, which allows them to develop clean hardware solutions without third parties and using only visible source code.

This level of access to the core of delivered solutions is required when security of supply is the lead criteria for projects driven by national security considerations.

Off-the-grid development

PurityCUBE environment creates a design and delivery process without any exposure to third parties - and it makes integrations to confidential hardware driver developments possible, incorporating national cryptography algorithms and other requirements. All of this is impossible for consumer driven commercial operating systems (like Android, iOS).

Clean hardware design

Clean hardware devices designed and manufactured by XXLSEC come with full transparency at software level and in hardware schematics and mechanics. There are no CPU or other components equipped with third party binary blobs or other black elements. Security audits and evaluations cover the full development process and every aspect of the software from kernel to applications.