PriveOS software platform is the bedrock for security, off-the-grid independence and full life cycle management control of the PriveOS based hardware.


PurityCUBE is a full strategic level independent and isolated development tool for high security purposes. PurityCUBE provides fully user controlled and transparent PriveOS software development and testing infrastructure for the purposes of developing and producing ultrasecure hardware implementations.

It is important to highlight that we are referring to isolated CUBE – as a standalone system with full in-house development, compilation and production capabilities.

Clean hardware development

PurityCUBE is the foundation for all mission critical clean hardware development projects, including integration to classified hardware and restricted cipher elements. It can be used without organization attribution to any other platform, chipset or development location. With the XXLSEC solution, you can produce full PriveOS operating system, crypto libraries, drivers and applications without a link any binary blobs in the building process.

Resilient and secure development

Your development team will operate in a well-defined environment, where all source code is stored locally and it is visible to the relevant development teams. Your information security team can secure purityCUBE location together with physical security knowledge and unauthorized access can be monitored constantly.

Although all code inside purityCUBE is locally stored, a well defined audit trail is available for all required modifications or code inserts. This makes purityCUBE unique for any mission critical development work where public internet access interruptions must not affect your processes.

Questions you should ask

For critical software development work, where independence and resilience is required, you should ask these questions:

•Where do I store my code base?
•Who compiled my OS kernel, encryption libraries and modules?
•Who can physically access my code storing infrastructure?
•Who releases SDK - where do they come from?
•What happens if I lose Internet connection?
•Is my development work attributable?

With purityCUBE solution, your strategic development team will operate with full control.